Three years ago today, we made our first delivery of salad. It has been an amazing journey, taking us all the way to the dizzying heights of receiving a gold Blas na hEireann award. 

However, this year has been one challenge after another and we’ve had to face the fact that, however much we love our salad, it isn’t earning us a living wage. So we are heartbroken to announce that we are ceasing production from today. 

Huge thanks to all that have supported us along the way. Your comments meant the world to us. 

Rocker wins Irish Food Award

Rocker Organic Farm’s Organic Mixed Salad Leaves have won a Blas Na hEireann Chef’s Choice Award at this year’s Irish Food Award in Dingle. The award is given by a group of chefs who use the ingredients to decide which they would most like to use in their kitchens.

The award was given by top chefs Neven Maguire and Brian McDermott, as well as Birgitta Curtin from the Burren Smokery. Neven told Maeve and Peter that the chefs were “raving” about the quality of the leaves.

Blas Na hEireann Awards 2019

Rocker Organic Farm Mixed Salad Leaves have been selected as a finalist for this year’s Blas na hEireann awards. Fingers crossed for the final in early October.


Now available in SuperValu

From today, our salad is available from SuperValu Thurles and Supervalu Roscrea. Big thanks to the Food Academy. It is also still available from The Cottage, Loughmore and Peter’s Fruit & Veg, Templemore.

organic salad north tipperary supervalu food academy

Salad Art

Our deconstructed mixed salad leaves attracted a lot of attention when they appeared in our presentation yesterday.
Organic Salad from North Tipperary

Salad is not just for Summer!

We’re so pleased to let you know that our Winter Salad selection is now planted and growing beautifully in the tunnels. All from certified organic seed, these are the exciting varieties that we are currently growing, so that you can enjoy eating your greens all winter long! Lettuce leaves; Figaro, Ferega, Gingko, Brighton, Magellan, Kamalia, Maureen, Maritima, Avenir, Dabi, Azirka and Sebastiano. Salad leaves; Bulls Blood, Winter Purslane, Spinach, Salad Rocket, Wild Rocket, Mizuna and Endive. We also have a variety of coloured chards growing too. Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate and fibre, salad leaves are so important for our health and wellbeing. We take pride and care in being able to supply our certified organic salads to people in our locality. It’s a local no food miles. All produce is hand harvested, washed and packed the same morning that it is delivered to Peter’s Fruit and Veg in Templemore and to The Cottage, Loughmore. While our Winter selection grows, we are still supplying our usual mixed salad leaves to the outlets above. The feedback about our produce is delightful and we are so pleased that you are enjoying it! Many blessings 🍀🌱🌿

Salad Leaf of the Month: Marvel of Four Seasons

This month the Leaf of the Month is Marvel of Four Seasons.

In 1885, Marvel of Four Seasons book was listed as the most “highly coloured of all the Lettuces grown about Paris.”
Today, if there was an award for the most colours and the most textures in one leaf here at Rocker, then Marvel of Four Seasons would be a clear winner. It is butterhead lettuce that manages to create red, gold, green, bronze and many other tints in leaves that have a variety of textures in one leaf.

It has been growing really well this season. It produces a rosette shaped head, which responds well to cut and come again, unlike many other butterheads.

It is an old heirloom variety, so has been around for many years before its recognition in Vilmorin’s 1885 book “The Vegetable Garden.”

Ours have come from The Organic Centre and The Seed Co-operative (where it is known as Merveille des Quatre Saisons).

Salad Leaf of the Month: Little Leprechaun

We love our leaves at Rocker Organic Farm, so we pick one variety each month to celebrate it.

We enjoy having a wide range of leaves in our salad bags, but if we could only have one, then it would be Little Leprechaun. It is a lovely red tinged semi-cos lettuce. Crisp, with a beautiful shine to it. It kept going through the long winter and is now coming into its own as Spring arrives.

Although a very modern looking leaf, it is actually an Eighteenth Century Heirloom variety. Also known as Cimarron, it seems to grow well in both the heat and the cold. It was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1999.

We source our Demeter certified Little Leprechaun seed from Fruit Hill Farm or The Seed Co-operative