Salad leaf of the month: Endive

We love our leaves at Rocker Organic Farm. So we choose one each month to celebrate.

As our Summer leaves are slowly gaining strength, it is great to celebrate those leaves that have kept going strong through the Autumn and the Winter. Of all the Winter leaves, Endive is the one that most looks like a Summer lettuce leaves. We plant Escarole, a lovely green frilly leaf, rather than its other more chicory related varieties.

There is a slight bitterness to its taste, but this works well in a mixed salad. Its texture is great in the salad bowl. Strangely, slugs seem to love living in it, but rarely seem to nibble the leaves.

Escarole is high in vitamin A, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin C, containing two or three times the amount found in iceberg lettuce. It is also a good source of Vitamin K.

We grow Endive all year round, but it the service it has given over the last few months that it earns our respect.

Our seeds came from The Organic Centre in County Leitrim.