Salad Leaf of the Month: Little Leprechaun

We love our leaves at Rocker Organic Farm, so we pick one variety each month to celebrate it.

We enjoy having a wide range of leaves in our salad bags, but if we could only have one, then it would be Little Leprechaun. It is a lovely red tinged semi-cos lettuce. Crisp, with a beautiful shine to it. It kept going through the long winter and is now coming into its own as Spring arrives.

Although a very modern looking leaf, it is actually an Eighteenth Century Heirloom variety. Also known as Cimarron, it seems to grow well in both the heat and the cold. It was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1999.

We source our Demeter certified Little Leprechaun seed from Fruit Hill Farm or The Seed Co-operative