Salad Leaf of the Month: Marvel of Four Seasons

This month the Leaf of the Month is Marvel of Four Seasons.

In 1885, Marvel of Four Seasons book was listed as the most “highly coloured of all the Lettuces grown about Paris.”
Today, if there was an award for the most colours and the most textures in one leaf here at Rocker, then Marvel of Four Seasons would be a clear winner. It is butterhead lettuce that manages to create red, gold, green, bronze and many other tints in leaves that have a variety of textures in one leaf.

It has been growing really well this season. It produces a rosette shaped head, which responds well to cut and come again, unlike many other butterheads.

It is an old heirloom variety, so has been around for many years before its recognition in Vilmorin’s 1885 book “The Vegetable Garden.”

Ours have come from The Organic Centre and The Seed Co-operative (where it is known as Merveille des Quatre Saisons).